AFE Stock Channel (ASC)

AFE Stock Channel (ASC) is an unique full mission financial information terminal with over 250 banks and brokerage firms in Hong Kong are using. ASC provides real-time stock information of Hong Kong, Shenzhen and Shanghai with a wide range of comprehensive functions and analytical information such as AFE Bought/Sold Fund Flow, AH performance table and more professional level of information on warrants and CBBC likes theoretical change % and AFE sync index.

ASC also delivers the most updated financial information and insights around the world, such as world indexes, Thomson Reuters foreign exchange rates and Thomson Reuters Great China News.

AFE Stock Market UP (ASMU)

ASMU is especially designed for bank and securities house to use as a public stock terminal in the client hall area. ASMU can be operated without mouse and all the functions can access by a small keypad. The navigation is very user-friendly.

ASMU provides real-time Hong Kong and Shanghai stock information, Hong Kong Futures and Options market data, AH performance table, world indexes and comprehensive News.

AFE Stock Market PRO (SMP)  

Provides real-time Hong Kong and A Shares stock quotes through internet anywhere. Its breadth of real-time data gives an instant awareness of price movements. A wealth of supporting historical and reference data, finely-tuned analytical tools and instant news allow you to react with confidence to these movements.

Basic feature includes:

  • Multiple Screen (4 / 8 / 25 windows layout)
  • Day Trade Scanner
  • Hot Sector Highlight
  • Stock/ Broker Analyzer
  • All real-time stock quotes and derivatives.
  • Full intraday transaction logs
  • World indexes
  • Company fundamentals
  • Real-time financial news from ICE Data Services, HKEx, and Hong Kong Economic Journal
  • Forex rate
  • Warrant Summary
  • Interactive historical charts with configurable technical analysis tools.
  • Portfolio and watch list
  • Limit setting and alerting.


AFE Info PRO provides rich and powerful information through your mobile devices. Unlike ordinary mobile application, AFE Info Pro provides true Multi-window operation with stocks Quote, Futures, Top 20, Index & Industries, My Quote, News, Chart, Performance Metric, Fundamentals and Stock Search etc.

AFE lifts up new market standard on information terminal again. You can find 5 Multi-window layouts on our AFE Info Pro and you can set your preferable combination of functions on various Multi-windows layout and help your sound investment decision.


AFE Alert PRO provides User-Defined Price Related Monitoring of Specific Stock, indexes and industries. There are 30 Available Alert Setting for Stocks including Price related setting, Breakthrough setting (Covers MA10 and 1M H/L etc) , Technical Analysis setting (Covers RSI, MACD and Stochastic etc)and Trading Status.
AFE Alert PRO Support Multiple Criteria (up to 3 criteria) under Single Stock Alert Set-up which definitely provide personalized Alert Setting.

When the monitor triggered, AFE Alerts delivery through:
– AFE Alert Pro Apps In Apps Alerts
– Mobile devices push notification
– via Multiple email addresses
– SMS Message with additional charge.